By Steve Hoag

web design mistakes to avoid

Website design is one of the most creative and exciting processes out there. You can literally create anything, with the only limit being your imagination and technology. That being said, it is important to avoid common pitfalls when designing websites.

Home page opt-ins

Home page opt-ins are pop ups that occasionally require the user to input their email before viewing the website. This is usually common practice with companies who are giving away free content like e-books, but should only ever be used on landing pages for specific content – not the home page. It can be quite annoying to be bombarded with opt-ins every time you visit a website, and users know that once they have put in their email they’ve sealed their fate. If you choose to use opt-ins let viewers of your website know what they are opting in to, and don’t make it a requirement for viewing your website. You will only succeed in driving traffic away.

Auto-loading videos            

The most infuriating thing since auto-playing music is auto-playing video. No one likes to have a random video playing in an obscure location of any page that they need to race to pause or mute. If you have an awesome video, give the user the option of playing it. Don’t force it down their throat.


Spamglish basically means text that is written specifically for search engines. It occurs when copy is crammed with keywords in the hopes that it raises the website’s ranking. Search engines will actually lower your ranking if they find you doing this. More importantly, a website’s purpose is to appeal to consumers, not automated bots. It is almost impossible to write compelling copy for consumers when spamming them with keywords.  A good rule of thumb is to keep keyword density at around 5%. For instance, try using 5 keywords every 100 words.

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Posted by Steve Hoag Tuesday, October 8, 2013 3:06:00 PM