By Steve Hoag

things to look for in a web developer

Finding the right web developer for your enterprise project is one of the most important steps during the website creation process. There are a ton of options out there, but only a handful will provide exactly what you want. What should you look for when choosing a web developer? Start with these three factors:

Relevant Experience

A developer with years of experience is obviously more valuable than someone with limited experience. They know best practices and solutions to all the problems that may crop up. However, do they have relevant experience? For instance, if you are a municipality looking for a new government website, you should look for developers with government experience. They'll have a better understanding of your needs, wants, and market.


Thanks to the Internet industry, companies have access to an enormous talent pool. Hiring a local developer can be a good option if you want someone you can easily get a hold of, and speaks your language fluently. On the other hand, outsourcing development can lead to lower costs, while there may be some communication problems. Just make sure you do your research and hire someone who is a good fit for you. There are great options both domestic and abroad.


Every developer is going to have a different pricing/feature mix. You need to ensure that you find a developer that fits your budget while offering the best feature set. Ask for quotes from different developers so you can get a sense of the industry average and avoid overpaying. You also want to avoid selecting the cheapest solution simply because it's cheaper. Make sure the quality of the work is the same as more expensive options. One of the worst things to do is underpay for a project, and then realize you need to redo all the development work.

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