These website analytics tools allow you to know these crucial data in order for you to improve your  website.

As a business owner, it is crucial to track the number of people visiting your site each month. By using one or a couple of website analytics tools, you'll be able to know where these people are coming from, they time they spend on each of your site's page, and so on.

You'll also be able to track whether they've engaged via social media. You'll be able to find out if they were able to read a specific post after reading your tweet. You'll also be able to know if they visit your website's products page after seeing your Facebook update with a link on it.

Website analytics tools allow you to know these crucial data in order for you to improve your website, your products or services, and they also aid in website SEO audit.

Marketing and doing business online would be futile without tracking, so now's the time to look for the best web analytics tool if you haven't done so. Here's a short list of the 5 best website analytics tools you can look into:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used free website evaluation tool by online marketers and business owners. It offers so many features which could be overwhelming for a first-time user. It may take time, usually a few hours, if you will peruse your stats.

You can get quite a lot of data including: your audience's age and gender; their geographical locations and primary language; the number of daily visits your website receives; your website's bounce rate; the number of returning visitors; and so on.

If you want to get started with Google Analytics, just sign up here.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a paid analytics tool that offers a 30-day free trial. It differs from other similar tools as it shows a visual graphic of where people click on your website. You can use this helpful data particularly if you want to determine which of your site's pages will work best for advertisements and promos.

If you wish to try this tool just to see if it fits your business needs, you can sign up for the 30-day free trial.


Qualaroo is a paid analytics tool that allows you to insert survey questions (for visitors to answer) on pages within your website. This provides you more useful insights that come from real-time feedback. This also lets you give a more personal approach to engaging with your visitors as they continually provide answers to questions that will help improve your business.

Try their 14-day trial here before deciding on the paid plans.


Mouseflow works like a surveillance camera because you can watch as visitors peruse your website. You can see where their mouse pointer goes as they do so. This may seem creepy, but it's quite helpful since you'll see first-hand your visitors' behavior.

This is a paid tool, but you can get started with a free plan. You can sign up here and get started.


Optimizely is an ideal analytics tool for A/B testing. You can test specific pages on your site and features, and compare them with other design or pages that you have. This tool will identify which version works better. So if you're trying new features on your website and can't decide on which direction to go, this tool can help you out.

You can sign up for a free starter plan and start running your A/B tests right away.

Trying out these best web analytics tools will help you decide on which ones to use in the long term. There's no single tool that can deliver every bit of data you need. Instead, go for complementary analytics tools/apps that will help you meet the demands of your business marketing needs.

If you'd like to try a free website evaluation tool, get in touch with us. Or better yet, click here to get started.

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