The contact form enables site users to contact you without revealing your email address. Messages are retained in the database and can be viewed by a user with edit permissions by clicking the "View Messages" link. Users can enter a single email address or multiple email addresses separated by commas, and each email address will receive a notification of the form submissions. If you prefer to keep company email addresses private, the site admin can enter an alias in the email "alias setting".

To add a Contact Form 

  1. Go to the specific page
  2. Click on the Edit this Page link from bottom (if page does not contains any content feature then feature list is displayed initially).
  3. From the drop down of feature, select “Contact Form”.
  4. Enter the title for this content (e.g. it may be any meaningful title like welcome, about, contact etc.).
  5. Select the location from second drop down, this is the place where this feature will be displayed on page (left, right or center of the page).
  6. Click on Create New Content, this will add Contact Form to page.

How to Use a Contact Form

  • Once this feature is added to page, find title, settings link and view messages link on page.
  • In the Contact Form settings, be sure to set the email addresses. We highly recommend you set up SPAM blocking
  • You can also set custom CSS classes as like other settings. Generally, it uses the email as a logged in user’s email.
  • Click the Save button.
  • General and Security settings are same as all other features.

View Messages:

  • The messages appear in a pop up, select the view button to see the user details.
  • Delete message when needed.

Be sure to check the messages area frequently.