Forum feature allows site managers to create an online community where customers can give feedback, ask queries related to their site, or share experiences.

How to Forum Feature  to Your Site

  • Go to the page and click Edit this Page link from bottom (if page does not contains any content feature then feature list is displayed initially).
  • From the drop down of feature select “Forums”.
  • Enter the title for this content (e.g. it may be any meaningful title like welcome, about, contact etc.).
  • Select the location from second drop down, this is the place where this feature will be displayed on page (left, right or center of the page).
  • Click Create New Content, this will add Forums to page.

How to Use the Forums

Once this feature is added to your site, you can find Title, Settings, and Add Forum link on the page.

  • Settings: General and Security settings are same as all other features.
  • Forum Settings are for SPAM blocking, notifications, content displaying and other as described over there.

Adding Forum

  • Click the Add Forum link.
  • Enter the Title and Description of the forum and click the Create New Forum button.
  • Once you create the first forum you can see the forums in a tabular format.

To Subscribe

  • Click the Subscribe link next to Message icon.
  • To see the list of all subscribers, click on * Subscribers. A pop-up box will appear with the list.

To Post

  • Click the forum title, then New Topic.
  • Enter Subject and Description and click the Post button.
  • This will create a thread and post under that forum with entered subject.

To Reply to a Forum Thread

  • Click the forum link, then thread topic, and at bottom you can find the reply link.
  • Click Reply, enter your response and click Post.