Fast Track offers two eCommerce store levels:

a. Basic Store. $199. An online store that can support any small business needs. The basic version has some UI integration, such as adding your logo and color themes where reasonable.

b. Advanced Store. $999. An online store that has the capability to provide the power and ease of use to scale with your business. The advanced version supports full UI integration, so that the branding on the store matches your web site.

The eCommerce store offers these features:

  • Catalog front end, administration back end. Power Site offers an open source e-commerce solution that contains both a catalog front end and an administration back end.  
  • Fully-customizable shopping cart. Set up an online store quickly and easily.    
  • Products, categories and payment options. Upload an unlimited number of products, manage multiple categories and manufacturers, offer both anonymous and one page checkouts, integrate live chat, manage featured items, add attributes to products, select the various online payment options that you want, add a wish list to your site, offer coupons, set up customer accounts and more.
  • Merchant account coordination. Fast Track will set up information between your bank and merchant account so that you are able to accept payments that go directly to your corporate bank account. Merchant account and gateway fees are separate.

Power Site Sample Stores

Below is a link to one of our current client stores:   (select shop to see the store).