Please note that this step takes place after a new page has been added.  

  1. On the Add/Edit pages screen, highlight the page you created and click the pencil icon to add content to the page.
  2. On Content for Page, next to Feature, select Event Calendar.
  3. Enter your title, e.g., “Promotions Calendar”.
  4. Leave Location set to “Center”.
  5. Click “Create New Content”.
  6. Click “View This Page” to see the calendar.

Adding an Event to Your Page

A calendar isn’t very useful without events, so let’s add one now.

  1. Click “Add Event”.
  2. Enter a brief description and event title.
  3. For now, just leave Event Date, Start Time, and End Times unchanged.
  4. Click “Update” to see your new event.

Editing/Deleting an Event on Your Page

To edit an existing event, click the pencil icon and change whatever event information you like. To delete the event from the calendar, click the “Delete this item” button at the bottom of the screen.