To use Content Template in Power Site there are two steps

 1. Create Content Template:

  • Login with Admin credentials.
  • Click on Administration link at bottom.
  • Click on Content Template.
  • Click on New Template.
  • Enter the title and template details for the template.
  • Click on save button.

2. Add content template on individual pages:

  • Login with Admin credentials.
  • Go to the page on which you have added HTML content.
  • Click on edit link.
  • In editor you will see document icon left to insert image icon, click on it.
  • One pop up will open, Click on your template from the list, as below:

           powersite content template

  • Content from content template will be added to the HTML content.

Using content template same content can be displayed on different page. It gives the flexibility to modify the content on individual pages as well.