By Steve Hoag

Hiring the right web designer

Hiring the right web designer for your new business website is a critical decision. If you make the wrong choice you can be set back weeks and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Make the right decision and everything is honky dory. So what are some things that should send your alarm bells ringing?

Lack of design experience in your industry

A designer could have dozens of years in experience, but they also need to have the RIGHT type of experience for your business. Do they have experience designing websites for similar companies? For instance don’t hire a designer that specializes in fashion when you are a government agency. If you see that they haven’t done any work in your industry before don’t hire them! Play it safe! Take a huge risk on your company website is not something you should do.

A bland design firm website

A great designer will have a great website. Their site should be a showcase of all their abilities. If they haven’t built a great website for their own firm you shouldn’t hire them. How can you trust someone that puts minimal effort into their own business with your new design? If you aren’t impressed within 10 seconds of seeing their home page, move on to the next option.

No clear pricing or product details

A common annoyance with designing a new website is that there can be unforeseen difficulties, delays, and costs. A good designer will clearly communicate pricing, timelines, and product deliverables before doing business with you. Make sure you cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s before settling on a designer. Otherwise you could be dealing with annoying delays and hidden costs.

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