Here are the testimonials from our clients and how we can help you have a custom website built on Microsoft Technology on your desktop or phone.

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Just give us an idea of what you are looking for. Even a short paragraph will suffice - we'll make assumptions and suggestions as needed to provide a concrete quote. If you do have more than a paragraph (an RFP, spec, mockup, etc.) please attach it to your e-mail.

We'll get back to you within three business days with a proposal that will break down your project into requirements and features, and detail the cost and time required for each, allowing you to perform "what if?" analysis to see the tradeoffs between functionality, time, and cost. See sample.

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Here are a few of our latest testimonials:


I couldn’t be more happy with the work.... Rating: 10 out of 10.


Shreyas Vijaykumar
Technical Product Manager
Microsoft Corporation


Brian is capable of thinking strategically, inspiring others to execute his vision, while being able to execute the vision himself. I have found it rare among people in the software industry who can both be visionary as well as possess the skills to execute.


Erik Giesa
Director of Marketing



Brian Conte is one of the most brilliant men I know … I’ve never known a more dedicated or talented entrepreneur.


Arthel Burkland
System Manager



Brian is the quintessential entrepreneur, as well as a world-class software engineer who came out of the Windows OS group. Brian has demonstrated ability to start small, work smart, and make real money in a tough landscape.
Mitchell London
Venture Foundry



Brian has been a pleasure to work with – he is a prompt, courteous, and respectful team player whose top priority is always to deliver a high quality product. His software methodology and expertise are among the very best in the industry; at the same time, he respects others’ opinions and fosters a real team spirit. Brian is a seasoned professional whose years of experience and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset wherever he goes.
Andy Kleitsch


I’m very happy. Everyone has been so friendly, professional, and accommodating. Rating: 10 out of 10.


Linda Mitchell
Washington State Women’s Political Caucus


Shubhada and her team continue to do an outstanding job on the project! They are excellent partners – knowledgeable, responsive, patient, thorough and dedicated.  It is a pleasure working with this team! ​


Tracey Benecke
Program Manager
Apex Performance Solutions


The work you have done for us has been fantastic. Rating: 10 out of 10.


Nick Holt
Principal Architect