By Steve Hoag

flat design

Flat design is taking the web design industry by storm. And it’s set to grow even more. So what is it exactly? What does it look and behave like? Are there any benefits to adopting this style in future designs? Let’s take a closer look:

Flat design is about usability and minimalism.

No fancy shadows, 3d effects, or anything else that can distract the user. Flat design is just flat. This minimalist approach promotes end-user usability at any cost. Any extra feature that gets in the way of streamlined navigation and ease of use will be taken out. Flashiness takes a back seat to user friendliness and functionality.

Bland is not flat design’s middle name.

What is the best example of recent flat design? Personally, I think it’s Windows 8. Do you think that OS is boring with its vibrant colors, backgrounds, and icons? I hope not! Again, this vibrancy helps to promote functionality by making important programs/features jump out at the user. You can easily tell what’s important when looking at a well-executed design. So while there is a minimalist approach in flat design, it doesn’t mean the final product will look bland at all.

Benefits of Flat Design:

  • Clean look
  • Concise
  • Easy to use
  • Awesome functionality
  • Efficiently conveys information
  • Works in a variety of color schemes
  • Great for mobile screens


  • Not suitable for every business.
  • It’s most suitable for companies that want to convey information efficiently, and not in a flashy, visual way.
  • There has been some criticism that flat design can look a bit funny on large, high definition screens.
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